Sistem Drainase Bawah Tanah dan Keuntungannya
  • 11 JANUARY 2023
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Underground Drainage System and Its Advantages

When owning a building, the drainage system has an important role in it. Having a good drainage system will give rise to various advantages.

The Important Role of Drainage Systems in Buildings

When owning a house, we definitely dream of having a comfortable residence with adequate facilities and supporting all our needs, including aspects of cleanliness and health. Every dwelling and building needs to have a strong and good foundation to support the building structure.


Just like the foundation, the drainage system also has an important role in the building system. The inaccuracy of the drainage system that is owned can cause various problems such as flooding, unhygienic building conditions, and eventual collapse. Problems with the drainage system can also lead to an increase in excessive expenses.


Advantages of Underground Drainage System

Therefore, when building a house, homeowners need to pay attention to the installation of an appropriate and quality underground drainage system. Here are some of the advantages of having a quality underground drainage system:


1. The drainage system can accommodate excess rainwater and prevent flooding

Excess water caused by rain can cause flooding in building & property areas because there is not enough water storage/drainage. With an underground drainage system, excess water can travel through the drainage system to the water collection area via underground pipes.


An underground drainage system will allow wastewater to go where it should and reduce the risk of contamination with groundwater.


2. Reduce the risk of property damage

Open drainage systems can pose a hazard to property and objects around the building area. This is because the accumulation of water that is not fully channeled into the shelter so that it stagnates on the surface, can come into direct contact with open cables or poles around it.


Cables with high electric voltage will be dangerous if they are then flooded with water. Underground drainage pipes can ensure that excess water will be transported to the final collection point and not stagnate and come into contact with materials and property.


3. Minimizes the risk of erosion

If stagnant water on the surface is not channeled to the landfill and remains on the surface, especially on the surface with soil, it will turn the soil mass into mud because it is contaminated with too much water. Not only that, too much water stagnation on the soil surface will cause erosion or erosion. So that the underground drainage system can be said to minimize the risk of erosion.


Those are some of the advantages if you have a good, precise, and quality underground drainage system. To build an appropriate & quality underground drainage system, quality supporting materials are also needed. Choosing a quality pipe is one of them.


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