• 22 SEPTEMBER 2022
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Tips for Choosing Ceramics for Your Bathroom

In choosing materials for your bathroom floor, there are various things that need to be considered in order to create a bathroom design that is functional and also comfortable for its users. There are various materials for bathroom floors available in the market, but ceramic is the most popular material because of its relatively affordable price and available in various places.


Tips in Choosing the Right Ceramics

It takes its own precision and accuracy to choose bathroom tiles. Check out the following tips in choosing the right ceramics for your bathroom, Sobat Yuta!

1. Pay attention to the Color Scheme

It’s good to choose and determine a neutral color scheme for your bathroom tiles, especially small bathrooms. Sobat Yuta can choose light colors such as beige, light brown, light gray, or white. The reason is, ceramic tiles with colors can make a bigger effect for the bathroom thanks to visible light.

2. Tile Size

If Sobat  Yuta has a small bathroom, it is recommended not to use large tiles such as 60×60 cm or 80×80 cm. However, it is also recommended to use small ceramic tiles because it will cause more nat lines which will make your bath seem narrower.

Therefore, use medium-sized ceramics with edges that have been arranged in such a way as to make the tiles look more integrated with the wall. This effort will give the effect of a larger and neater bathroom.

3. Texture

Whether or not the floor tile is slippery is determined by the texture of the ceramic itself. There are various types of textures from ceramics such as glossy, satin, matte or textured. For safety and comfort factors, it is recommended to choose bathroom tiles that have an uneven texture. This is to avoid the slippery effect on bathroom tiles.