• 4 AUGUST 2022
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Countries with the Best Water Quality in the World

Previously, we discussed that the most important natural resource on earth is water. Because water is the core of the ins and outs of life for all living things. Water quality itself must always be maintained considering the role of water for life. Talking about water quality, it means that we will also talk about clean water. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to get clean water of good quality. Not all places can provide water that is of good quality and suitable for consumption.

Countries with the Best Water Quality

There are various triggers that cause water quality in a place to be classified as poor, such as pollution, people’s lifestyles, and excessive logging activities. A country must be able to guarantee and provide good quality clean water for its citizens. While many countries are still trying to improve water quality in their countries, there are some countries that already have clean water of the best quality that we can emulate. Here are some countries that have the best clean water facilities in the world:


1. Norway
In Norway, there is a groundwater protection program initiated by the Government entitled “The Midgard Snake”. Through the Oslo Water and Wastewater Department, the Norwegian Government built a tunnel for water management. This tunnel has a capacity of 50 thousand cubic meters with one of its functions being to improve water quality and save energy use by reducing water management in the country.


2. French
To realize the mission of maintaining water quality, the French Government is working with other parties to carry out a program by keeping the bacteria content in tap water low. In addition, the government also inserts a compressor into the turbine to produce fresh water. There is also a campaign to drink tap water that was raised to increase consumption. Of course, with guaranteed tap water quality.


3. German
Not only the two countries above, the German government has also taken serious steps in managing water, the German government obliges to prepare good sanitation facilities for its residents so that the quality of the water there is guaranteed well.