uPVC Pipe


Vinilon Group uses polyvinyl chloride material, which is commonly used for the needs of building piping systems, wastewater treatment, and cables. Vinilon Group's uPVC pipes have the advantages of being anti-UV, environmentally friendly, and priced competitively


The Vinilon uPVC pipe has JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) quality and testing standards:

  • Type DV (Vinilon standard: D) uses JIS K.6739 standard
  • Type TS (Vinilon standard: AW) uses the JIS K.6743 standard


As a nation’s national pipe manufacturer, we are proud to be able to contribute actively to Indonesia’s development through the supply of SNI uPVC Pipe products and Vinilon Accessories which have been widely used in government projects.

uPVC Conduit Pipe

Vinilon Conduit uPVC pipes are used as cable protectors in multi-storey buildings, housing, industrial buildings and others. Vinilon Conduit uPVC pipes are produced using the best materials and special formulas to produce high quality products with various advantages.

uPVC Pipe SNI Waste Water

Vinilon is one of the brands of quality pipes and fittings with a complete range of products in Indonesia, thus meeting the needs of the public in the plumbing sector.

One of its products is uPVC (unplasticizer polyviniyl chloride) pipes and fittings for waste water production processes and QC of wastewater piping refers to SNI 06-0162-1987 (pipes) SNI 06-0178-1987 (fittings). Installing wastewater with a closed water system using pipes and fittings is intended to maintain better environmental quality and hygiene.

Vinilon Glue

Vinilon Group provides Vinilon Glue, glue for adhesive and connecting PVC pipes with Solvent Cement technology. Designed for tropical climate areas, Vinilon Glue is very suitable for household and project applications.

Jacking uPVC pipe

Pipes for drainage or waste water with the Jacking System installation method, based on the Japan Sewage Work Association Standard (JSWAS K-6).

Jacking Vinilon uPVC pipe is a uPVC pipe specially made for Jacking System installation method applications. Its strong, lightweight, durable, anti-corrosion, non-breakable, and environmentally friendly properties make Jacking Vinilon uPVC pipes the right choice for you in making trenchless drainage or waste water channels.