• 7 DECEMBER 2021
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Yuta Official Changes Name to Vinilon Official on Tokopedia

Indonesia as the country with the largest economy in Southeast Asia continues to experience the highest growth rate of online purchases. It is undeniable that currently people in Indonesia and even in the world have made many purchases online. The number of transactions is also increasing from year to year, and the types of goods purchased are also increasingly diverse.


Over time, as well as the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic, shopping activities at physical stores began to decrease and they began to switch to shopping for household needs online. Online shopping is chosen by the community as a solution to minimize physical contact which is usually difficult to avoid if you go to the market, supermarket or mall directly.


Therefore, previously YUTA Official was present in various marketplaces to complement the sanitary needs of the Indonesian people. However, YUTA Official has now changed its name to Vinilon Group Official on Tokopedia. Vinilon Group Official provides various types of Vinilon Group Fittings and YUTA Indonesia sanitary products.


For those of you who are looking for various types of sanitary equipment, such as showers, jet showers, water faucets, and fittings for piping system solutions as needed, just visit Vinilon Group Official at Tokopedia. Don’t forget to shop a lot and get interesting promos!