• 31 MAY 2021
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YUTA Indonesia Wins Brand Choice Award 2021

On September 14, 2005, the Yuta brand which is part of Vinilon Group was registered with the Department of Law and Human Rights (DEPKUMHAM) for water meter, oil meter and gas meter products. Over time, in 2013 the Yuta logo was replaced with the aim of strengthening the image accompanied by improved quality control. In 2016, PT Yuta Prima Indonesia was finally established to hold all Yuta products. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of PT Yuta Prima Indonesia as a provider of plumbing and sanitary system products that are rich in variety for various applications.

Yuta Indonesia won the Brand Choice Award (Top Awareness, Sales & Rating) 2021 in the category of “Kran Double”. This award is given as recognition in the consumer choice brand based on 3 aspects; brand awareness, brand choice and brand reviews & ratings.

Hopefully Yuta Indonesia always provides real change for consumers, through the quality of products and services, also continues to contribute positively to the environment and the welfare of the People of Indonesia. Thank you Vpeople for your support!