• 1 MARCH 2022
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Wet Bathroom or Dry Bathroom?

There is information for those of you who are remodeling a bathroom at home or are planning to build a house. Did you know that the bathroom is divided into two parts based on the function settings? The bathroom is divided into a wet bathroom and a dry bathroom. Let’s take a look to find out more what the differences are!

Wet Bathroom

Wet bathroom is one of the most common types of bathrooms in Indonesia. Just as the name suggests, wet bathrooms are usually always wet or humid because of splashes of water from the bathtub or squat toilet. A bathroom with a shower and a toilet seat is also considered a wet bathroom, if there is no barrier separating the wet and dry areas.

Dry Bathroom

As the name implies, dry bathrooms are always dry when not in use. Dry bathrooms usually use a sitting toilet with a shower or bathtub. In addition, there is a barrier or separator so that splashes of water only wet the shower or bathtub area. The barrier between the toilet and shower is usually a curtain, wall or glass panel.