• 15 OCTOBER 2021
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Water Meter PT Tirta Pratama Meterindo

PT Tirta Pratama Meterindo (TPM) established since 2017 is a subsidiary of Vinilon Group, engaged in the Manufacturing business that produces Water Meters with the B&R brand. Based on being a manufacturer and distributor of superior quality piping systems in Indonesia.

PT Tirta Pratama Meterindo prioritizes quality by conducting a series of tests in accordance with applicable standards. And has received various recognitions, both nationally and internationally for the quality of its products.

TPM produces Water Meters with the B&R brand measuring “. This product has obtained a TKDN certificate (Domestic Content Level), SNI product quality, and an IP68 certificate (Anti-Water and Dust). theft and good anti-magnetism in maximizing performance when installed on PDAM projects or apartments.

Water Meter uses the best technology in its production process. There are also special features here, namely marking on the cover and registers on the water meter which can be ordered on request. Because the best recognition is consumer confidence in using products from PT Tirta Pratama Meterindo (TPM).