• 20 AUGUST 2021
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Water Installation Using Vinilon uPVC Pipes

In the construction of buildings or residences, usually the main thing that is considered is only certain areas that are visible from the outside. Even though there are many other elements that need to be considered to support the activities in it to run well. One of them is the installation of water pipes that need to be considered carefully, starting from product standardization, function, construction, and others.

Water installations have very diverse types and specifications, starting from the size, the type of pipe used must be in accordance with the needs and objectives. For sewerage in the construction of buildings or residences, it is necessary to choose the right product. Drain dirty water from the bathroom, pantry or rainwater can use Vinilon type D uPVC pipes. This Vinilon uPVC pipe has a thickness that is resistant to extreme internal water pressure.

With various advantages, such as complying with Vinilon standards and JIS standards, resistant to UV rays, strong and not easy to break, and environmentally friendly. Vinilon uPVC pipes are very suitable for use in high rise buildings and residences. To get to know more closely and to get Vinilon uPVC Pipes, just visit our website at www.vinilon.com!