• 8 NOVEMBER 2023
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Vinilon’s Consistency in Building National Infrastructure Towards Indonesia Emas through Kompas 100 CEO Forum 2023

Vinilon Group, with innovation and quality in the piping industry, consistently participates in Kompas 100 CEO Forum, which will take place on November 1–2, 2023 in the National Capital of Nusantara (IKN). This participation will be represented by Sandy Susanto as the CEO of Vinilon Group and Caroline Tranggono as the CFO of Vinilon Group.

Kompas 100 CEO Forum serves as a platform for dialogue among CEOs, government officials, academics, and the public to discuss economic issues and their solutions. This year, Kompas 100 CEO Forum is back for its 14th year with the theme “Advancing Towards Indonesia Emas,” focusing on four pillars: sustainable mission, innovation in technology application and human resource development, digital-based creative economy, and infrastructure development. The fourth pillar aligns with Vinilon’s role in contributing to Indonesia’s infrastructure through internationally certified pipeline products.

Sandy Susanto as the CEO of Vinilon Group and Caroline Tranggono as the CFO of Vinilon Group represent Vinilon Group in expressing support and dedication towards the government’s efforts to achieve Indonesia Emas 2045 through infrastructure ideas in the production and distribution sectors.

Vinilon Group is dedicated to sustainable infrastructure, skilled human resource development through various piping training programmes, and equitable infrastructure for the Indonesian population. One of Vinilon Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in 2023 is directed towards the people of East Nusa Tenggara, specifically in Boen Village, with the “Water for Boen” programme in collaboration with the Solar Chapter Foundation. This social project aims to provide access to good water sources in areas that lack proper water access. Together with Solar Chapter, Vinilon Group aims to support nationwide development in Indonesia, as declared through the hashtag #dariindonesiauntukindonesia.

Kompas 100 CEO Forum represents a crucial step for Vinilon Group in supporting its mission to make the best contributions towards creating prosperity for the nation and its people through the manufacturing industry and national infrastructure.

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