• 24 SEPTEMBER 2021
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Vinilon PPR Pipe

Vinilon has various types of quality pipe products and accessories, and can be tailored to each individual’s needs in an effort to meet your needs.

Maybe some of you don’t know that Vinilon has a PP-R type of pipe which is a pressurized piping system for hot water and cold water. The application of technology from Germany and strictly maintained quality control makes PP-R Vinilon the best pipe and accessories in Indonesia.

PP-R Vinilon is a pipe with Polypropylene Random Copolymer material. This pipe is available in various pressure and temperature classes with thickness dimensions to suit the application.

The advantages of PP-R Vinilon quality material are hygienic, resistance to other chemicals, anti-corrosive and durable. Vinilon PP-R Pipe is lightweight, easy to install and safe for the environment.

To get to know more closely and to get Vinilon PPR Pipe, just visit our website at www.vinilon.com!