• 5 AUGUST 2022
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Vinilon Pipe Classification

In planning the construction of a house, building, etc, we have to pay attention and choose the type of pipe that fits the building. Piping is an important thing and it should not be neglected in the construction of a building.

Vinilon Pipe Classification.

Each type of pipe also has a different function from one another. By understanding all the types of pipes, you can determine which pipe is suitable for the building. Here are some classifications of Vinyl Pipes that you can use for construction purposes!

  1. Plumbing System – uPVC Pipe

  2. Wastewater – uPVC Waste Water Pipe

  3. Hot & Cold Water – PPR Pipes

  4. Cable – Conduit Pipe

  5. Clean Water – HDPE Pipe

  6. Gas – MDPE Pipe

When you have known the type and function of the various kinds of pipe, then you can determine which pipe fits your needs. If you choose the wrong pipes, it will cause you trouble that you do not want to someday such as pipe leaks. Pipe leaks will of course make you spend more money to fix it. So, Don’t forget to use strong and flexible Vinilon Pipes that can meet the various needs of your piping system.