Partisipasi Vinilon dalam Borobudur Marathon
  • 25 NOVEMBER 2022
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Vinilon Group’s Participation in Borobudur Marathon 2022

Vinilon Group participated in the Borobudur Marathon 2022 which will be held on 12-13 November 2022 in Magelang, Central Java.


One of the most popular numbers in athletics is the long-distance running or marathon. Like other sports, running a marathon certainly has a variety of positive impacts on the body. Such as burning calories in the whole body, training the heart, increasing endurance and endurance, forming a more proportional body, and improving mood.


In addition to being a championship, there are now many marathon running events held for the general public. One of them is the prestigious running competition in Indonesia, namely Borobudur Marathon 2022. This year, Vinilon Group also supports the event which will be held in Magelang, East Java.

Vinilon Group Activation in Borobudur Marathon 2022

At the Borobudur Marathon, the main event being held on November 12-13 this year, the organizers held four running categories with two categories that can be followed by the public. The categories for the public are Bank Jateng Tilik Candi with a half marathon distance (21 kilometers) and Friendship Run with a distance of 5 kilometers.


Vinilon Group as co-sponsor of the Borobudur Marathon also enlivened the event by opening a booth at the main event at the Grand Artos Hotel lt. 1 and in the Borobudur Temple area. Various series of activations were carried out at the Vinilon Group booth so that the runners could carry out various activities there. Not only that, Vinilon Group also distributed prizes in the form of interesting merchandise that participants could take home.