• 1 JANUARY 2022
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Vinilon Group Piping System Solutions for Drainage

Drainage is a mass water drainage system, which can function to reduce or remove excess water, which is then directed to rivers or artificial response areas. Technically, drainage is an effort in making waterways. Drainage can also be made from trenches or concrete culverts.


Before building a drainage channel, you must pay attention to 2 systems that need to be selected. The first is a drainage system above the ground or surface drainage and a drainage system below the ground or sub-surface drainage. In both applications of the system, the construction materials used will certainly be different.


In the drainage channel, a pipe is also needed to drain the water or the discharge fluid. One of the pipes that can be used for drainage is the SNI PVC pipe from Vinilon which is definitely strong and flexible.


You also have to choose Vinilon PVC Pipes according to your needs. In making a drainage channel, you also have to adjust the size of the pipe, the strength of the pipe, as well as the fittings and adhesives that will be used. However, don’t worry because Vinilon Group is the best piping system solution in Indonesia for effective drainage.