• 6 FEBRUARY 2019
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Vinilon Group di Pameran IWWEF 2017 Makassar

After 38 years of consistently contributing and working to build Indonesia, Vinilon Group participated in taking part in the 7th National Forum and Expo, namely IWWEF 2017 (Indonesia Water & Waste Water Expo & Forum), exhibitions and forums for the clean water, waste water and the largest and most comprehensive recycling water technology in Indonesia that collects PDAMs throughout Indonesia. This event is held for 3 (three) consecutive days, 6 – 8 September 2017.

In addition to participating in the IWWEF 2017 event, there are several events that will be held by the Vinilon Team in Makassar City. As a producer of piping works by the nation’s children, Vinilon is also called to participate in preparing future generations to get to know the piping industry in more depth, and for that Vinilon also holds Vinilon Goes To Campus (VGTC) activities for Makassar State University on Tuesday September 5 2017 at 8am to 11pm at the Senate Meeting Room of the Faculty of Engineering – 2nd Floor Technology Building. There will be two consecutive sessions of Training For Trainers (TFT) specifically designed for builders (applicators), so that technology updated from the piping system can also be communicated and can be implemented in each project and their work, so that any piping system problems that arise can be immediately addressed by the artisan, this event will be held on Wednesday for Beginner level and Thursday for Intermediate level , all of them on September 6 & 7 r. Hopefully with the presence of Vinilon Group in a variety of events in the city of Makassar, it can maximally encourage the water, waste water and recycled water industry in Indonesia. Vinilon from Indonesia for Indonesia.

IWWEF 2017Vinilon Group turut berpartisipasi mengambil bagian dalam Forum dan Expo Nasional ke -7 yaitu IWWEF  2017