• 1 DECEMBER 2022
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Vinilon Goes to Campus at Universitas Trisakti

Vinilon Group again held Vinilon Goes to Campus (VGTC) on Wednesday, 30 November 2022 at Trisakti University, Jakarta.


As a manifestation of the Vinilon Group’s concern for the development of the academic world, especially higher education, the Vinilon Group is again holding Vinilon Goes to Campus to get closer to stakeholders in the world of education, including students. Vinilon Goes to Campus itself is an annual routine activity held by Vinilon targeting various universities throughout Indonesia, both public and private.


The Activities of Vinilon Goes to Campus Trisakti

The VGTC at Trisakti University involves lecturers and students from various fields of study such as Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, to Architecture. The event which was attended by at least 70 participants took place from 9.00-12.00 WIB, and began with remarks delivered by the Dean of FTI, Dr. Ir. Rianti Sulamet-Ariobimo, ST, M.Eng, IPM.


With the theme “Plastic Pipes, Pipes of the Future”, the VGTC activity which was held in the Auditorium Room, Lt. 8 The Heri Hartanto Building, Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI) was filled with various series of seminars ranging from sundries about the world of piping technology to knowledge of pipe products produced by the Vinilon Group. Bima Fekendra and Abdurrafi as the Vinilon Group Product Team filled the seminar presentation on the world of piping.


Not only seminars on piping technology, this activity was also filled with a seminar on an overview of job opportunities in the pipe manufacturing industry delivered by Lucky Benedictus as a Human Resource expert for the Vinilon Group. It is hoped that the VGTC participants will not only receive information and education about piping technology, but also provide a portrait of opportunities and career paths in related industries.


On a larger scale, by holding this VGTC event, the Vinilon Group hopes to continue sharing knowledge and experience for the nation’s successors, so that they can become strong and flexible people and build a strong Indonesia.