Vinilon Goes To Campus di ITS, Kenalkan Pipa Plastik di Era Infrastruktur Modern
  • 4 APRIL 2024
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Vinilon Goes To Campus at ITS, Introducing Plastic Pipes in the Era of Modern Infrastructure

Vinilon Goes To Campus (VGTC), a successful activity on the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya (ITS) campus on March 18 2024 with the theme “Future Plastic Pipes”. This event was attended by students and female students from the Materials and Metallurgical Engineering department.

Participants were given an in-depth explanation of piping system solutions in building modern infrastructure, by Iqbal Alfurqon, Product Specialist Vinilon Group. Iqbal explained the importance of using plastic pipes in the era of modern infrastructure, providing an overview of the technological innovation and environmental sustainability promoted by Vinilon. He also introduced the types of pipes, their uses, and how to connect them.

It didn’t stop there, the participants also had the opportunity to take part in direct practice in connecting PE pipes using a Butt Fusion machine. This practice not only increases their understanding of technical processes, but also provides practical experience that will be useful for them later in the field.

The response from students was very positive, they showed high interest when they were directly involved in the practice of connecting pipes. “The event was really extraordinary, it was really fun because we not only got theoretical material but we were also able to practice it straight away. We learned a lot about various types of pipes, the materials they are made from, and how to connect them.

Previously, I had never attended a seminar that focused on pipes, let alone one with additional practical sessions like the one above. This makes me interested in being part of Vinilon in the future. Hopefully I can join in their activities in the next semester and even get an internship at Vinilon. Thank you very much Vinilon!” said Viski Rizh Ainun, 4th semester student.

In line with Viski, meanwhile, Saifulloh Yusuf also added, “Today I gained valuable knowledge from Vinilon about the applications and types of polymer pipes used. We also learned about PE pipe connection techniques using the Butt Fusion method. I am very happy with “Vinilon training” because apart from getting theory, we also get direct practical experience. Thank you for this opportunity.”

The enthusiasm of friends from ITS to learn directly and interact with presenters and industry practitioners is extraordinary. Some of them are even interested in being further involved with Vinilon in the future through internship activities. Hopefully it can become the next generation in the infrastructure sector!

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