• 1 MARCH 2022
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Vinilon Flap Valve

Proper sewerage planning is essential to create a clean environment and support a healthy life. To create a clean and healthy environment, we recognize the existence of a piping installation. In the piping installation there are clean water channels and waste water channels.


Sewerage pipes are important and function to drain household wastewater. The sewers have the characteristics of being cold, damp and smelly, thus supporting several animals to nest in them. Have any of you ever had problems with nesting insects or rats getting into the sewers? Well, Flap Valve can be the solution to that problem!


This Flap Valve can be used for Residential and Retail. The flap valve is already open when the exhaust water pressure is 0.06 bar. And when the pressure of the exhaust water is less than (<0.06 bar) then the door of the Flap Valve immediately closes again tightly (in a flat position or tilted down (<= 15°) so as to minimize nuisance animals that can enter the sewer pipe.