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  • 23 MARCH 2023
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Utilize Cooking Ingredients To Clean Household Furniture

In general, the use of cooking ingredients -as the name implies- is more often used for cooking needs. But apparently, not only for consumption, we can also use these materials to clean household furniture!


Apart from being easy to get the ingredients, using cooking ingredients for cleaning can also save money so you don’t have to buy household cleaning products on the market often. For example, like lemon which is often used as a cleaning agent for household furniture. In addition to cleaning, this fruit is also effective for removing unpleasant odors.


Apart from lemons, there are also other kitchen ingredients that can be used to clean household appliances. Besides being easy to obtain, the use of cooking ingredients for cleaning can also reduce the “consumption” of chemicals or other hazardous materials.


Variety of Cooking Ingredients for Cleaning Kitchen Tools

Here are at least four cooking spices that you can use to clean household furniture:


1. Vinegar

You can use vinegar as a cooking ingredient to remove stubborn stains on household appliances. The method is enough to mix the vinegar with other ingredients such as flour and salt, let stand for a moment for 10-15 minutes, then rub the mixed ingredients together with dish soap. Guaranteed, stubborn stains on your equipment will fall off instantly!


2. Baking Soda

Apart from making cakes and adding spices to a number of dishes, baking soda can also be used to clean household appliances. Baking soda is suitable for tools made of stainless steel such as spoons, forks and pans.


3. Salt

While baking soda is more suitable for stainless steel tools, salt is a great cleaning solution for wood-based tools. Simply sprinkle on the tool and rub gently, guaranteed to be effective in cleaning stains on cutting boards and wooden spatulas.


4. Mint leaves

The use of mint leaves to clean household furniture made of glass tends to be more effective than wiping glass with a cloth or cleaning fluid. In addition to cleaning, mint leaves will also provide a pleasant aroma and prevent flies, ants and other insects from coming.


Not only does it offer ingredients that are easy to get, this method of cleaning household appliances using cooking ingredients also tends to be more effective and efficient, and can reduce expenses. So, are you sure you still choose to use cleaning fluid? However, no matter what type of cleaner is used, you can still use a dishwashing faucet from Yuta Indonesia to make it easier for you to clean various household appliances! Use Yuta Indonesia products guaranteed quality and guaranteed.