• 2 NOVEMBER 2021
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Tips for Washing Shoes

Shoes are footwear that is usually used to protect the feet that are usually used when we do activities or activities. Usually activities or activities that are usually carried out indoors and outdoors will make shoes dirty easily. Dirty shoes will make those of us who use them less confident, especially when your shoes emit an unpleasant smell and of course dirty shoes are not good for the health of your feet.

Now is the time for you to wash dirty shoes the right way. Let’s look at tips for washing good shoes so that your shoes are clean and last longer!

1. Get to know the type and material of the shoe
Shoes come in many different types and materials. You must identify the type and material of the shoes you want to wash so that the shoes are not damaged. Because different shoes also have different washing and care methods.
2. Doing dry cleaning method
We recommend that you do the dry cleaning method so that your shoes are easily dried by means of a cloth without having to dry in the sun.
3. Avoid drying shoes from direct sun
It turns out that drying shoes out of direct sunlight will make the color of the shoes change and fade quickly.
4. Pay attention to the shoe storage
Try to store shoes in an airtight place to avoid mold growth.

Hopefully these tips will make you wash and take care of your shoes more so that they don’t get damaged easily. And of course clean shoes will make you more confident.