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  • 9 DECEMBER 2022
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Tips for Staying Healthy during Uncertain Weather

Weather is a condition that we cannot control. We can only see weather information through a prediction, which prediction is not always true and is bound to happen. When entering the transition season, weather conditions can change erratically. We usually call this condition the transition period.


During the transition period, the body is very susceptible to disease. This happens not without reason. When weather conditions often change erratically, from scorching heat to heavy rain, or vice versa quickly, the body must finally be forced to adapt quickly. If not, the body cannot adapt quickly, the body’s immune system eventually weakens, making it an easy way for viruses and bacteria to enter. This condition then makes us easily infected with disease so that it makes the body drop and fall ill.


Not only that, erratic weather changes are also conditions that make it easier for animals carrying certain germs to breed. According to an internal medicine doctor in Florida, quoted from liputan6.com, drastic changes in weather and temperature allow different groups of viruses to develop more. These viruses eventually make humans susceptible to disease.


Tips for Staying Healthy during Uncertain Weather


Therefore, it is important to know how to stay healthy in uncertain weather conditions. Here are tips that Vini’s friends can do to minimize the risk of getting sick during the transition period:


1. Take vitamins & supplements

In order to strengthen your immune system, you can start consuming various vitamins and supplements. Vitamins and supplements that you can take to strengthen your immune system, for example, are vitamin C. This is because vitamin C can help us produce white blood cells, which are able to protect the body against infection.


2. Drink enough water

Not only vitamins and supplements, you also need to meet your fluid needs to prevent your body from becoming dehydrated. Drink water at least 2 liters a day. By drinking enough water, besides preventing the body from dehydration, it can also make the organs in your body work stronger.


3. Get enough rest and exercise regularly

Adequate sleep in fact does bring various benefits to the body. Make sure that you have enough and quality sleep, yes, at least 6-8 hours. Apart from adequate rest, you also need to exercise regularly to strengthen your stamina and of course your immune system. At least you can exercise intensely for at least 75 minutes per week.


4. Consume food with balanced nutrition

Eating foods with balanced nutrition is also a point that needs attention. Expand the consumption of healthy foods that are rich in nutrients such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.


5. Make it a habit to wash your hands

Reporting from halodoc.com, hands are one of the most comfortable places for germs to breed. Therefore, you must wash your hands frequently to prevent the spread of germs that cause disease. To make washing your hands comfortable, you can use Basin Tap products from Yuta Indonesia! Besides making it easier for you to wash your hands because of its functional design, Basin Tapi from Yuta Indonesia also has guaranteed quality, so your Basin Tap products will be durable and long lasting!


Those are some tips that Vini friends can apply to prevent yourself from staying healthy and avoiding illness in uncertain weather conditions. Hopefully this is useful, stay healthy, Vini friends!