• 1 JANUARY 2022
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Tips for Maintaining Water Conservation from Home

Water is an important element for human life and other living things. Water is used to meet human needs and survival. In fact, it is not only humans who need water, but all living things on earth. It can be seen that most of the earth is almost surrounded by water. So, it can be said that water is the pulse for human survival.


Therefore, we must preserve water so that it is not polluted, let alone triggers a disaster. Water conservation can be started from home or even from yourself. Here are some tips for preserving water from home:

  1. Protecting the environment
  2. Reduce water use
  3. Throw garbage in its place
  4. Minimize the use of chemicals
  5. Recycle used materials
  6. Check the water pipes regularly
  7. Using the shower when taking a shower
  8. Don’t take too much well water

Don’t forget to always save water use at home by turning off the water faucet when it’s full and using water according to your needs, OK!