Tips Memilih Bathtub & Jenisnya
  • 14 OCTOBER 2022
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Tips for Choosing The Right Bathtub

There are at least three methods or ways of bathing that are commonly done by humans. The first is to take a bath using a dipper, the second is to use a shower, and the last is to use a bathtub. Of the three methods, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, taking a bath using a bathtub has its own advantages that the other two methods do not have. Not only as a method for bathing but also as a place for relaxation and meditation.


Things to consider before choosing a bathtub

Before deciding to buy a bathtub, Sobat Yuta must pay attention to several things. The reason is, if you buy the wrong one, instead of causing comfort in doing bathing activities, you will actually feel regret later on.


The things that must be considered before buying the first bathtub are size. Although it has a standard size, the bathtubs sold in the market do not have the same size as one another. The standard size of the bathtub sold in the market is 1.5 x 8 meters. You have to adjust the size of this bathtub to the size of your bathroom, Sobat Yuta.


The second thing you need to survey is the material from the bathtub that you will choose. Usually, the bathtub material consists of acrylic or fiberglass construction. This material is used to reduce the weight of the bathtub. There is also a bathtub that uses metal and enamel. This bathtub will be more sturdy and heavy. If you want a more luxurious bathtub, you can choose a bathtub made of natural stone or concrete. To be sure, the stronger the material, the more resistant your bathtub will be to damage.


Next you need to take into account the placement of the bathtub in your own bathroom. In which corner or wall will you place the bathtub? How many walls will surround your bathtub? This will later affect the shape or type of bathtub that you can choose, so you need to consider it carefully.


Types of Bath

Then what you need to review is the shape or type of the bathtub itself. Here are some types of bathtubs that you can choose for your bathroom:


1. Alcove Bath

This bathtub model is the most commonly used type. Its characteristic is that it is attached to every bathroom wall. The size of this type of bathtub is usually made exactly to the width of the bathroom wall. This form is one that is easy to install and right for maximizing the size of your bathroom.


2. Freestanding Bath

Do you have a house with a minimalist design? Then this type of bathtub is perfect for your bathroom! In addition to being elegant, the advantages of this type of bathtub are the various and many designs, so you can search according to your taste.


3. Clawfoot Bathtub

For those of you who have a smaller bathroom, this clawfoot bathtub is the right choice. The reason is, this one bathtub has a size that tends to be smaller than other bathtubs. Even aesthetically, it can be said that this bathtub has an attractive appearance.


Those are some references that you need to pay attention to when you want to use a bathtub in the bathroom. However, no matter what type of bathtub you will use, you don’t have to worry about what kind of faucet is right for your bathtub. Sobat Yuta can use the BMS Bathtub Mixer from YUTA Indonesia which is made from stainless steel and equipped with an aerator so that it will make the water pressure coming out of the bathtub smoother, and of course your faucet will be more durable and maintained.