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  • 1 AUGUST 2022
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The Risk of Not Having A Clean Drains

Living a healthy and clean life is something that must be done by everyone. Living clean can be started from yourself by keeping the house clean. There are many spots in the house that really need to be cleaned regularly, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and garden. However, there are many spots that we often miss when cleaning the house, one of them is the water drains.

Pay Attention to Your Water Drains to Avoid Various Risks!

Drains are often neglected due to their position in remote corners or even outside the house. In fact, drains have an important role in the cleanliness of the house. Even though you have chosen the right and quality pipes such as Vinilon Pipes for your drains at home, if the drains are not properly cared for, it’s still possible that the channels will get clogged. Not only blockages, here are at least some risks if we don’t clean the drains:

  1. There is an overflow in the water drains

  2. Risk of causing pipe leakage

  3. The drains are a breeding ground for mosquitoes

  4. There is an unpleasant odor due to sewage deposits in the drains

  5. Nest of germs and disease

To prevent these risks, Sobat Vini at home should clean your drains at least once every three months. Sobat Vini can clean the drains simply by pouring hot water on the channel or using a spiral wire with a stringy end. Let’s keep your drains clean at home!