• 18 DECEMBER 2023
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The Excitement of Vinilon Goes to Campus Event at Astra Polytechnic Cikarang

Vinilon Goes To Campus (VGTC) recently took place at Astra Polytechnic located in Jababeka, Cikarang, West Java, last Thursday (7/12). Carrying the theme “Plastic Pipes, the Pipe of the Future,” this event is a regular program organized by Vinilon Group to introduce the latest world pipeline technology to students who will be the future leaders of the nation.

The event was attended by Head of Student Affairs & Alumni Department and Career Center team of Astra Polytechnic, as well as more than 100 Astra Polytechnic students from various majors. The students attending came from various majors such as Heavy Equipment Engineering Maintenance Technology, Logistics Engineering, Production Equipment and Tool Manufacturing, Production and Manufacturing Process Engineering, Building Construction Technology, Automotive Engineering, Mechatronics, and Information Management.

With engaging presentations by Iqbal Furqon and Ihsan Mahdi, both Product Specialists, the attending students became more interactive and curious, leading to many questions about the world of pipe production processes.

“This is my first time attending Vinilon Goes To Campus, and I find this event very insightful, especially gaining new knowledge about the process behind pipe manufacturing, not just the installation, which is quite complex,” expressed M. Izzat Ibadurrahman, BEM Staff at Astra Polytechnic.

Another thing that boosted their enthusiasm was that the event included games and explanations about tips for creating an attractive Curriculum Vitae (CV) to equip Astra Polytechnic students. Benedictus Lucky, a Recruitment Specialist who explained the recruitment process at Vinilon Group, also provided a brief psychometric test for the students to understand their personalities.

“The event was very exciting because, besides gaining new knowledge, VGTC also provided many games and prizes for us. Thank you, Vinilon!” said Sulaiha, an Information Management student.

“Thanks to Vinilon, hopefully, with the VGTC event, it can open the eyes of students to continue their education and careers sustainably in this infrastructure world, and the knowledge conveyed can broaden the horizons of the event participants,” said Hari Dwi Nugroho, Head of Student Affairs & Alumni Department.

Through the organization of the VGTC event, Vinilon Group is committed to continuously providing knowledge and experience to the next generation, so they can grow into individuals who can contribute to building Indonesia. Vinilon also plans to regularly hold Vinilon Goes To Campus at various campuses throughout Indonesia. Stay tuned for our presence in your city!

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