• 7 DECEMBER 2021
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Strong and Flexible uPVC Vinilon Fittings

In the piping system, you are already familiar with fittings. Let’s see what are the functions of the fittings in the piping system!

Fittings in the world of piping are part of a piping installation that functions as a connector between pipes or as the final part of the piping. Vinilon uPVC fittings have various sizes, shapes and characters to suit your needs.

These pipe fittings are an important part of the piping system and have different functions. Vinilon has a variety of fittings to suit your needs, such as elbow fittings, tees, reducers, sockets, increasers, etc.

Elbow fittings function to change the direction of flow, pipe diameter or create branches so that the fluid (containing gas, liquid or plasma) can flow smoothly. Tee fitting serves to divide the flow into two directions. As the name suggests, this fitting is shaped like the letter “T” which has three prongs. Reducer pipe fittings function to reduce fluid flow.

Thus the explanation of the types of uPVC Vinilon Pipe Fittings that are strong and flexible. Information about pipe fittings is important to use as a reference, so you can find out which fittings to use in pipe installations that suit your needs.