• 2 NOVEMBER 2021
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Stop Global Warming

Global warming is the impact of the greenhouse effect. Global warming is a phenomenon of increasing the average temperature of the atmosphere, Earth’s land and oceans as a whole. Usually this phenomenon is marked by the melting of polar ice and the temperature in various places in the world tends to increase.

Various consequences of global warming are negative and counter-productive to humans and the biodiversity on earth. There are only a few types of benefits resulting from global warming. Global warming can cause many negative effects on the earth, such as the emergence of extreme climate change, unpredictable weather conditions, as well as rising temperatures to melt the polar ice caps.

Global warming has a negative impact on humans, animals and plants. To overcome global waming, you can reduce the use of private vehicles, recycle the use of waste, and save on the use of electricity, water and other energy. By knowing the effects of global warming, hopefully we can manage our environment for the better. Let’s help stop global warming!