• 4 NOVEMBER 2020
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Sinar Mas Andhika Webinar, Sharing Solutions with Consumers

But unfortunately, the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic prevented Vinilon Group from communicating directly and face-to-face with its loyal consumers. Therefore, Vinilon Group is adapting digital technology by holding Web Seminars (Webinars) as a means of establishing friendship and sharing solutions with Vinilon Group consumers throughout Indonesia.

The high school webinar activities have been held eight times since May 2020, with interesting, solutions and different themes for each episode. These themes were shared directly by experts who are competent in their fields, such as Mr. Novean Husni (Product Manager of Vinilon Group), Mr. N. Widi Ahyana (Product Manager of Vinilon Group), and also Vinilon Group partners from the Middle East.

The Vinilon Group Webinar activities received very high enthusiasm from the participants. This is evident from the relatively high number of participants in the Vinilon Group Webinar, which even reaches 400 people.

Through this SMA Webinar, Vinilon Group hopes to continue to share solutions to answer the needs of Indonesian consumers, even though they are hindered by distance and the pandemic. Vinilon from Indonesia, for Indonesia.