• 4 APRIL 2024
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Preparing for a Better Future, Vinilon Goes to Campus Presents at the Adhi Tama Institute of Technology Surabaya

Vinilon Goes To Campus (VGTC) is back with the same mission: to bring innovation in the infrastructure industry to campuses throughout Indonesia. This time, the Adhi Tama Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITATS) was one of the campuses visited by the Vinilon team, on March 22.

This event was not only a platform to introduce the products and technology promoted by Vinilon, but also an opportunity for more than 100 participants who attended from various departments such as Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Architecture and Product Design to get exposure about pipes, valves, and piping accessories. With a large number of participants and various scientific backgrounds, this event succeeded in creating a dynamic and exciting discussion to discuss piping systems and their accessories.

The material presented by Rollan Naibaho, Sales Development Manager of Vinilon Group, not only provided comprehensive insight into the various types of pipes used in the construction sector, but also the valves and accessories that support them. Rollan also explained the types of valves and their respective uses. Starting from the Valve With a clear and thorough explanation, Rollan Naibaho describes in detail the advantages and piping systems starting from the needs for drinking water, dirty water and rainwater.

Apart from that, Rollan also explained the need for other infrastructure utilities, namely valves with the Yuta brand, such as gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, and there are several other types of valves. The function of this valve is to control, regulate and direct fluid flow by opening, closing or blocking the flow.

From this presentation and discussion, students became more aware of piping systems and the types of pipes used. “After it was explained, I knew how the construction piping system works and how to use it. “I also understand how valves work,” said Della Kumanireng, 4th semester majoring in Civil Engineering.

In line with Della, one of Della’s colleagues, Robi Pramedo from the same department, also admitted that “We can gain new knowledge about pipes where the pipes are environmentally friendly, so they are highly recommended for a better future. “My hope after participating in this event is that the Vinilon pipe can have a big impact on this country in the future,” said Robi.

Vinilon Group will continue to expand connections with all universities in Indonesia to prepare for a better future. So for those of you whose campus you want to visit Vinilon, just send an email to .

Wait for our arrival on your campus!

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