• 7 DECEMBER 2021
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Several Types of Problem from Gate Valve

In the piping world, you must have often heard of a tool called Valve. One type of valve that is widely used in piping systems is the Gate Valve. Gate Valve is a type or type of valve in a piping installation system that functions to stop and continue the flow.


Did you know that there are several types of problems with the Gate Valve that can make its performance not optimal? Some of the problems are as follows:
1. Leakage
2. Handweel is difficult to play
3. Disc is stuck to the seat


Let’s look at some ways to deal with problems that often occur with Gate Valve!

You can tighten the nuts and bolts according to the standard, and change the packing according to the standard schedule so that the Gate Valve does not leak. Usually the handweel that is difficult to turn is caused because the nut on the packing section is too tight, so just re-tighten it according to the standard and ensure the steam condition is in good condition. You also have to make sure there are no foreign objects pinched in the seat so that its performance is optimal.

To get the best quality Gate Valve, you can use Gate Valves with the Neway or Yuta brand which can be tailored to your needs.