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  • 25 AUGUST 2022
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Recognize the Characteristics of Polluted Water

Water is the core of the ins and outs of life for all living things, so that it becomes the most important natural resource on earth. Because of its crucial existence, the condition of the water must always be kept clean and unpolluted.


The condition of polluted water can cause various problems in human health. If we use polluted water for daily needs such as for washing, bathing, or even consumption, it can interfere with our health ranging from causing problems for the skin to digestive problems. Not only for humans, polluted water will also be harmful to animals and plants.


Ways to Recognize Polluted Water

Therefore, it is better if you recognize the characteristics of polluted water so that you can avoid using it. Check out the following explanation!


1. Color

If you find water that is cloudy in color and doesn’t look clear, then there is a possibility that the water has been polluted. The reason is, clean water will have the characteristics of looking clear and colorless.

2. Smell

The easiest feature to tell whether water is polluted or not apart from the color is the smell. Clean water will not have any odor, while polluted water will have an unpleasant odor.

3. Flavor

Not only from smell and color, you can indicate the condition of polluted water from its taste. Healthy water conditions will have no taste at all.

4. There is sediment

If in the container you put the water in there is sediment at the bottom, then you can be sure your water has been polluted. Even large amounts of sediment can make changes to the color and smell of the water.

5. Acidity level

If from the four characteristics above, you still have doubts about the quality of your water, you can do an acidity test to find out the pH level of the water. Clean and healthy water conditions will have a normal pH with a value of seven.

6. Temperature

Another feature to determine the condition of polluted water or cannot be recognized from its temperature level. Polluted water will have a higher temperature than the temperature of the surrounding environment.


That’s an explanation of the characteristics of polluted water. Let’s find out what the water conditions in your house are like!