• 30 JULY 2021
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PVC Pipe Should Not Be Burned

The type of pipe that is quite popular and favored by the public is PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipe. PVC pipe was the first thermoplastic pipe used for plumbing. This pipe is made of polyvinyl chloride or commonly known as PVC.

Did you know that PVC pipe joints should not be burned? Usually some people do the PVC pipe connection by burning. In fact, when PVC material is burned, it releases gaseous chemical compounds, such as toxic chlorine gas which is very dangerous when it spreads in the air and has the potential to be harmful to the health of the person who connects the PVC pipe.

It is the same with burning other household waste such as containers contaminated with pesticides, plastic bottles, etc. Burning this waste should not be done because it can cause gas compounds in the air which can certainly have a bad impact on the health of people who inhale it.

In addition, PVC pipe joints made by burning can actually damage the structure of the material itself. This can lead to a greater potential for pipe leakage. If you want to do a PVC pipe connection, it’s better to use Vinilon Glue which has been proven to be strong and attached.

Vinilon glue is a solvent cement that can attach uPVC pipes and connections (PVC fittings) perfectly so that they are leak-proof. Vinilon Glue can be found at your nearest building shops!