Dampak Positif Kawasan Industri
  • 30 NOVEMBER 2022
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Positive Impacts of Industrial Estate Development

In developing countries, industrialization has an important role in supporting growth and change in the country. Reporting from kompas.com, history records that to break the cycle of poverty, countries in the world that are now advanced, tend to focus more on industrialization compared to focusing on the agricultural sector or the production of national resources. One way is to build an industrial area.


So that it can be said, industrialization is an important key for modern economic growth and increasing people’s income. Seeing the important role of industrialization for the development of a country, the establishment of industrial zones is also an important thing to do. The reason is, with the existence of industrial zones, industrial development in a country is undoubtedly guaranteed.


Based on Presidential Decree (Keppres) No. 41 of 1996, an industrial area is a place of concentration of industrial activities equipped with infrastructure and supporting facilities developed and managed by an Industrial Estate Company that already has an Industrial Estate Business Permit. The development of this industrial area can improve the country’s image in the eyes of investors who will invest and make investments.


Positive Impacts of Industrial Estate Development

Under the Karawang International Industry City (KIIC), Sinar Mas Group is currently working with the Vinilon Group to build an industrial area in Karawang, West Java. An industrial estate development that considers social, economic and environmental aspects will definitely have a positive impact both broadly and for the surrounding community. Here are at least some of the positive impacts of the KIIC industrial area development cooperation project with the Vinilon Group:


1. Open jobs

With the establishment of an industrial area that attracts many investors to invest and set up factories, this will obviously openly offer jobs for the people around the industrial area. People can also get jobs that are tailored to their abilities and interests.


2. Reducing unemployment

With job opportunities that are wide open for the community, of course this automatically has an impact on employment absorption which can ultimately reduce unemployment.


3. Increasing the economy and social welfare

With the opening of employment opportunities so that local communities can be absorbed as skilled workers, this will certainly have a domino effect in improving the economy and welfare of the surrounding community.


4. Fulfillment of various community needs

Industrial estates do not only consist of factory buildings, but also offer facilities and infrastructure to support various needs. All development access built in this industrial area can also be enjoyed and used by the surrounding community, such as road access.


5. Open business field

With the establishment of an industrial area, the surrounding community can also open their own business opportunities to earn independent income, for example, such as opening a restaurant business.


Those are some of the positive impacts in the development of industrial estates for the surrounding community. In fact, the positive impacts that can be created from the development of industrial estates that are in line with the nation’s development mission are still very numerous and broad. Even so, we cannot close our eyes to the negative impacts that may arise from industrial areas. For that, we also have to be smart to find solutions in order to minimize the risks that occur. All of this is done, of course, to build a nation of Indonesia that continues to advance!