Merencanakan Sistem Perpipaan pada Rumah Bertingkat
  • 14 NOVEMBER 2022
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Planning a Piping System in a Multi-storey House

When Sobat Vini is going to renovate a house by adding buildings to an existing house or upgrading it, adding pathways for plumbing needs is inevitable. For residents of the house, the piping or plumbing system can be likened to a “vein”.


Almost all activities in the house require water, therefore, the plumbing system must be made correctly and correctly from the start of construction. This is done to facilitate subsequent installation. The reason is that the plumbing system is a distribution system that is needed not only to provide clean water, but also waste disposal. The plumbing system not only functions as a provider of clean water, but also works to handle dirty water, used or waste water, rainwater, and also dirt.


Tips for Planning a Piping System in a Multi-storey House

When upgrading a house, the flow of water on the upper floors may not be the same or will not be as strong as the flow of water on the lower floors. So that the flow and discharge of water are evenly distributed and the plumbing system is made correctly and precisely, see the following tips!

1. Create one installation path

If possible, place the areas that need water in one zone, so that you can create a vertical and centralized pipeline installation path. If one line is not made, there is a great risk of leakage due to the many bends and branches in the installation line.

2. Use bottom and top tanks

Sobat Vini can use the bottom tank and top tank in the house that will be renovated later. This is useful for making the water discharge more evenly on all floors.

3. Distinguishing pipes

It is better if in making the installation of a plumbing system, use a pipe color or a different pipe list color according to their needs. This will work if one day there is a leak. With different colors and lists, it will be easier for Sobat  Vini to distinguish which pipes have leaks.


For clean water, you can use Vinilon Group uPVC Pipes JIS AW which are white with blue markings. For waste water, you can use Vinilon Group PVC Pipes JIS D which are white with red markings.


4. Use booster pump

You can also use a booster pump from downstairs for your water needs upstairs. By using a booster pump, the flow of water will be smoother and faster towards the faucet pipes on both floors.

5. Pay attention to the slope of the pipe

Horizontally installed water pipes are made with a slope of 2% as much as possible. For every 100cm pipe length, the pipe is lowered by 2cm.


As explained above, a piping or plumbing system can be likened to a “vein”, so you have to make the installation correctly and precisely. After knowing the tips above, don’t forget to apply them. Don’t forget to also use pipe products that have been proven and tested for quality, such as Vinilon Group Pipe products!