• 1 SEPTEMBER 2022
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New Marking Design: The New Face of Vinilon Group

Since its establishment in 1979, Vinilon Group has always strived to provide the best to consumers through the products and services provided. Determined to become the number one manufacturer and distributor of piping systems in Indonesia, Vinilon Group always strives to continue to innovate and develop in line with consumer needs and the times.

As a tangible form of encouraging digital transformation in Indonesia, Vinilon Group from the manufacturing and distribution sector of the piping system launched a new innovation in the form of changing the marking design on its pipe products. The latest marking design issued is equipped with a QR Code and uses environmentally friendly ink.


New Marking Design from Vinilon Group

If previously the marking design stated on Vinilon Group pipe products was vertical, for the latest marking design produced, the marking has changed to horizontal. This horizontal form has the philosophy of “Moving Forward”, namely with hopes, passions, and ideals that Vinilon Group can continue to move forward to support various developments that occur in Indonesia.



Full Inkjet Printing using Eco-Friendly Inks

Instead of just using screen printing, the latest marking design printed on Vinilon Group pipes is produced using the full inkjet printing method. This method makes the final result of the marking design printed on the pipe product look clearer and sharper. Marking will not easily fade and fade. So that the pipe products from Vinilon Group that are sold and circulated in the market will always look good and visually feasible.

The ink used as a material for printing marking designs is also eco friendly or environmentally friendly. This is done as a concrete step from Vinilon Group to always protect the environment to avoid the danger of damage.


Pipes with Marking Design Using the First QR Code in Asia

The latest marking design issued by Vinilon Group is equipped with a QR Code. Vinilon Group is a pioneer in the inclusion of QR Codes on pipe products. This is because the inclusion of the QR Code on this pipe product is the first in Asia.

If generally various goods on the market still use barcodes as a tool to scan data related to their products, a new innovation made by the Vinilon Group makes scanning of data related to production data can be done by scanning the QR Code listed on the latest marking design. This QR Code contains a unique code regarding product production date information. So that from one pipe to another pipe will have a different QR Code.

By including the QR Code, the authenticity of the pipe products from Vinilon Group purchased by consumers can be guaranteed. Consumers and distributors can also easily track and find out the age of the pipe products made. From the QR Code, distributor agents can easily trace (tracing) incoming or outgoing Vinilon Group products. Not only that, the QR Code technology that is included on the pipe product will later be able to display various promo links or interesting information for consumers.

Even though Vinilon Group has released pipes with the latest marking designs, during the transition period from the old marking design to the newest marking design, with equally good quality, pipes with the old markings will still be circulating and valid in the market.

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