Yuk, Tingkatkan Produktivitasmu dalam Bekerja
  • 31 AUGUST 2022
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Let’s Increase Your Productivity at Work!

In every job, we are required to always be productive. However, we often feel that our work performance has decreased due to various factors such as mood conditions, external distractions, and so on. Therefore, there are many ways to anticipate the decline of work performance. Unfortunately, those ways don’t always run smoothly. 

Tips to Increase your Productivity

Reporting from the New York Times via glints.com, there are some basic ways that are often overlooked but can increase work productivity. These things can be applied simply and easily. Here are some ways that you can try to increase your productivity at work:


1. Avoid Multitasking

Doing many things at once often makes us feel very productive. But in fact, doing various things at one time will only make us not focus on the current work and makes our energy drained and feel tired quickly. Multitasking is also prone to making us make some mistakes and leads to decreased creativity.


2. Make a to-do-list

Creating a to-do-list or keeping a to-do list can increase work productivity. The list created will help us to stay on track with the things to do. Try to make a list of jobs according to the order of priority of the work and determine the goals of the completed tasks, Sobat Vini!


3. Tidying the Workbench

A neat and clean desk can make you work more comfortably. Even a tidy work desk can prevent you from unnecessary distractions. You can set aside at least 15 minutes of your time before work to tidy up your desk and sort out what documents are needed that day.


Those are some basic ways that you can apply to increase your productivity at work. Don’t forget to practice it, Sobat Vini!