• 20 SEPTEMBER 2022
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Let’s Implement a Sustainable Living!

First coined by the United Nations as a social goal in its first conference on the environment in 1972, the concept of sustainable or sustainable emerged as a result of concerns about the increasingly limited availability of natural resources, global environmental problems, problematic food needs, increasing social injustice, and so on. the growing problem of poverty.


The Definition of Sustainable Concept

The UN Brundtland Commission itself defines the concept of sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. From the definition described, the concept of sustainability actually involves various aspects of life, with three main aspects, namely environmental, social, and economic.


Implementing a Sustainable Lifestyle

Sobat Vini can really do simple things in everyday life so that they can contribute directly to sustainable development, especially in the environmental sector. Check out the following tips so that you can apply a sustainable lifestyle or way of life, especially in the environmental sector!


1. Manage water use to ensure access to clean water and proper sanitation

2. Consume things wisely and responsibly

3. Recycling or reusing used goods

4. Reducing objects based on fossil fuels

5. Participate in conservation activities such as marine conservation and other natural resources

6. Actively participate in reducing vehicle emissions by using public transportation or walking


There are many other activities that you can do simply in your daily life to support the sustainable development movement. However, what needs to be remembered from the sustainable way of life is the principle itself, namely realizing that natural resources are limited, thinking about the cycle of goods consumed so that we are careful in choosing goods or services, and placing our position as the environment (not a separate entity). Let’s have a sustainable way of living to create a better life, both for us, and for our children and grandchildren in the future!