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  • 9 AUGUST 2022
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Let’s Create a Child Friendly Home!

The presence of a child in the family does have a huge impact on various things. One of them is interior design at home. The arrangement of the interior of the house itself really needs to be thought out carefully. Moreover, the house is the center where the family performs various activities. As a result, in considering the concept of interior design to be made, we do not only think about aesthetic and comfort factors, but also security. A house must be able to ensure the safety of its occupants, especially the safety of children.

Tips for Creating a Child-Friendly Home

Sobat Yuta can carry the concept of a child-friendly house that functions to minimize various things that can harm them. In order to create a child-friendly home, there are various elements that need to be considered. Here are tips and tricks that you can do so that you can create a child-friendly home:


1. Do not choose furniture with sharp edges

Furniture with sharp angles will be dangerous for children when they are active. Therefore, it is more advisable to choose furniture with obtuse corners or even without corners. However, if you already have furniture with sharp corners, you can anticipate it by adding rubber protectors to those corners.

2. Choose anti-slip tiles

Sobat Yuta can install non-slip tiles so the kids don’t fall every time they try to walk. Alternatively, if the tile surface at home is already slippery, you can install additional non-slip floor mats.

3. Store sharp and breakable objects in the storage cupboard

It is not recommended to put glassware in a place that is easy for children to see and reach. The good thing is, Sobat Yuta keeps these items in a storage cupboard that is not accessible to children.

4. Hiding chemicals and drugs

Medicines or chemical-based items such as floor cleaners or insect repellent will be very fatal if swallowed by children. In order to avoid this risk, it’s a good idea to make sure all drugs and objects with hazardous substances are stored in a locked goods storage area so that children can’t easily reach them.

5. Tidy wires and hide sockets

So that children are protected from the danger of electric shock, Sobat Yuta can make sure all types of cables in the house are stored neatly. You can also put a cover on an electrical outlet at home.