• 6 AUGUST 2021
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Knowing the Type of Kitchen for Your Home

In home or residences generally only has one multifunctional kitchen. But there are also residences that have 2 types of kitchens, namely clean kitchens and dirty kitchens. Both of these kitchens are made based on their respective functions. Let’s see the difference!


Clean kitchen
A clean kitchen usually does not have a divider between rooms. Usually here there is also a dining table to gather or chat casually while enjoying food with family or guests. The function of a clean kitchen is only as a place to prepare simple and practical dishes.


Dirty kitchen

Dirty kitchens are usually located behind clean kitchens. There is also a divider or wall that separates the dirty kitchen from other rooms in the house. The function of a dirty kitchen is usually for cooking food activities, to washing kitchen utensils.


Even though it is called a dirty kitchen, it does not mean that the arrangement and design of the kitchen is not organized and its cleanliness is not maintained. Because in practice the dirty kitchen is left as is. To beautify the dirty kitchen design and increase the functional value of the dirty kitchen, YUTA offers various types of dishwasher faucets or sink taps. Immediately get YUTA Official sanitary products in your favorite marketplace #SobatVini