Inspirasi Kitcen Sink Berdasarkan Jenis Kran
  • 15 MARCH 2023
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Kitchen Sink Inspiration Based on Faucet Type

Cooking is a fun activity for some people. However, complete and supportive equipment and tools are important in providing comfort and pleasure when on the move. Apart from that, the thing that is no less important is the cleanliness of the kitchen. All kitchen cleanliness and equipment, related to the type of kitchen sink or what is known as a sink.

For effective and efficient use, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the type, material, number of bowls, and how to install the kitchen sink correctly. We often find the shape of the kitchen sink that is not in harmony with the shape of the faucet that is installed, which results in inconvenience to the users. Examples include a sink that is too shallow with a faucet that extends downwards, too deep with a short faucet shape, not wide enough, or the number of bowls that do not match the faucets available.


Sync Your Kitchen Sink With Your Faucet!

In order to create comfort when carrying out activities in the kitchen sink based on harmony between the shape of the kitchen sink and the faucet, see tips on how to choose the type of kitchen sink based on the following types of faucets:

1. Topmount (Drop-in)

A kitchen sink with a topmount or drop-in type is a sink in which the container/tub is mounted at the top with the outer edges of the sink resting on the top of the table, where this part also becomes the area that holds the sink load. But unfortunately, this type of installation makes the table difficult to clean because the water around the sink gets caught in the boundary between the table and the outer edge of the sink. The area is also at risk of becoming a nesting place for dirt, germs, and mildew, and is prone to crusting. However, for this type of kitchen sink it is very suitable when combined with shower type faucets, goose water faucets and sensor faucets.

2. Undermount

In contrast to the topmount or drop-in type which is installed parallel to the support table, this type of undermount kitchen sink is installed under the table or inside the table. These types of sinks tend to be easier to clean because water can flow freely into them. The price offered for this type of sink will tend to be more expensive, however, if it is accompanied by a different table appearance, it will make the kitchen sink look smoother and neater.

Installation of this type of sink requires special expertise because the method of installation will greatly affect the resistance of the adhesive. In addition, because the faucet cannot be attached directly to the sink, it is necessary to provide a place on the table for placing the faucet. This type has a deficiency in the adhesion between the sink and the table where the resistance is affected by the weight of the water load and kitchen waste.

For faucets that match the type of undermount sink, you can use a swan type faucet that is designed with a curved shape. The flexibility of the faucet will also be a plus for the faucet.


3. Flat rims

Flat rim type kitchen sinks are usually rectangular in shape and are the most commonly used type. This type usually uses tiles as a coating for a table or table top so that it is flush with the sink or the end of the sink side is slightly below the tile. This type is considered to provide convenience for its users from the series of cleaning and undermount maintenance. However, in terms of durability, the drains under the sink are sometimes prone to leaks if the pipe installation is not done properly. While the types of faucets that are suitable for this type of sink are cartridge faucets, sink faucets and branch faucets.


4. Stainless steel

Sometimes material selection is a priority consideration when viewed from washing habits and the quantity of equipment to be cleaned. When viewed in terms of high washing intensity, stainless steel or stainless steel sinks are the right choice. Usually we find this type of sink in restaurants which generally have a high washing intensity. The type of faucet that is suitable for this type of sink is a flexible goose faucet.



Even though it seems trivial and is often overlooked, the impact of choosing a kitchen sink that is not quite right will affect the comfort and durability of the kitchen sink itself. Not only prioritizing taste and aesthetics, but we also have to sort it out in terms of the effectiveness and efficiency of the choice itself.

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