Permasalahan pada Jet Washer dan Cara Memperbaikinya
  • 4 NOVEMBER 2022
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Jet Shower Toilet Problems and Ways to Solve It

In the majority of Indonesian people ‘s bathroom, you will usually find a jet shower or jet shower that is neatly installed next to the toilet. The use of a jet shower that is integrated with the toilet is indeed unusual in some countries, such as America. Americans actually prefer to clean themselves using a tissue instead of water. That is why you will rarely find a jet shower that is neatly installed next to a toilet in some countries.

However, in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, you will easily find a jet shower that is installed next to the toilet. The reason is, in contrast to American society, Indonesian people actually prefer to clean themselves using water. Compared to placing a container such as a bucket for rinsing, the presence of a jet shower, which is positioned next to the toilet, will make it easier for users to carry out cleaning activities after defecating. The use of a jet shower can also make the water used more efficient.


Jet Shower Problem

Although the use of a jet shower tends to be more practical and efficient, there are times when the jet shower that is used has problems. Here are the problems that often occur in jet showers and how to fix them:

1. Water dripping

The most common problem that often occurs with sanitary equipment in the bathroom is dripping water. Even though the handle has been closed, it is possible for water to still drip from the jet shower, even if it is severe, the water can flow heavily.

To fix the water dripping from the jet shower, you can replace the mixer in the jet shower. The trick is to open the valve or jet shower cover using the L key, after that you can remove the old mixer on the jet shower that functions as a faucet cover and replace it with a new one. If the mixer has been replaced, close the jet shower again until it looks like it was before.

2. Strong Water Pressure

Water pressure that is too strong makes the jet of water that comes out of the jet shower is too excessive and wasted so that it can cause water splashes in various places. This condition can make the user uncomfortable.

To overcome this, there are several ways that you can do, one way is to choose a Jet Shower with good quality. Choose a jet shower that can handle high water pressure. Sobat Yuta can choose Jet Shower STFS-01 from Yuta Indonesia. The reason is, the STFS-01 Jet Shower from Yuta Indonesia has the advantage of being resistant to high water pressure with an optimal working pressure of up to 12 bar. So you don’t have to worry about the negative impacts if your water pressure is too tight.

3. Hose leak

Leaks in sanitary equipment is also a common problem that is often found. Leaks do not only occur at the end of the faucet, but can also occur in the hose.

If this happens, usually the leak occurs through the connection of the hose. This cannot be tolerated because if it is left unchecked, the impact will make the water constantly come out and cause your water bill to swell. For that, you need to pay close attention to where the leak is. If the leak occurs in the hose or the seal on the jet shower hose, you can replace the old seal with a new seal.


Use Yuta Jet Shower STFS-01

Those are some of the problems we often find in jet shower equipment and how to overcome them. However, Buddy Yuta also needs to note that jet showers also need to be treated so that they are not easily damaged. Looking for a good quality product can also be a determinant of whether or not your jet shower product will last. Choose a good quality jet shower product such as the STFS-01 Jet Shower from Yuta Indonesia which has the advantages of anti-leak, anti-crack, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion. Yuta Indonesia’s STFS-01 Jet Shower is also capable of carrying out “heavy duty” and is equipped with a dome-shaped filter to prevent coarse dirt from entering the shower head.