Benarkah Air dengan pH Tinggi Lebih Baik
  • 3 MARCH 2023
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Is It True that Water with a High pH is of Better Quality?

In previous articles, we have discussed that water is the essence of the ins and outs of the life of all creatures. Because of its very significant role and influence on life, we must always maintain water quality. When talking about water quality, it means we will also talk about clean water.


Often times, many people think that clear water is clean water that is suitable for consumption. In fact, not all clear water is clean water and ready to use. Getting clean water of good quality is not always easy. Not all places can provide clean water of good quality and fit for consumption.



Water pH as an Indicator of Consumable Water

There are several indicators to determine whether water is fit for consumption or not. One of these indicators can be seen from the pH level of the water. Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Health Number 32 of 2017, the quality standard for water quality test results (pH) ideally is at 6.5 to 8.5.


The pH level in drinking water itself is actually a measure to determine the relative levels of free hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions, or in simple terms it can be said to be a measure of the acid and base levels in water. Reporting from healthyaqua.co.id, if the number of free hydrogen ions is at a high level, then the water can be said to be acidic, while if the accumulation of free hydroxyl ions is more, then the water can be said to be alkaline. The pH level in water is usually calculated using a number measure starting from 1 to 14 with 7 being the neutral point.


In the past few years, drinking water brands have been popping up with a higher water pH level (alkaline water). This is the effect of the belief that water with a higher pH has better benefits for the body. Alkaline water is believed to slow down the aging process, regulate the body’s pH level, and prevent chronic diseases.


However, there is no research that can fully prove the benefits of consuming alkaline water. Reporting from the well-known American health site, Healthline Media, health professionals say that research supporting the assumptions or claims of the benefits of alkaline water is still minimal. If so, further verification is still needed to conclude that water with a high pH is indeed better for consumption.


Because water is a basic human need, it is important to pay attention to the pH of water suitable for consumption for daily needs. Instead of choosing water with a high pH whose benefits cannot be scientifically confirmed, it is better to focus on the ideal pH standards that have been set by trusted health institutions such as the Ministry of Health.


However, indicators to determine the feasibility of a water for consumption do not only depend on that. Ensuring that the water content is not contaminated with foreign materials that are harmful to the body is also one of the indicators that must be considered. We must ensure that the water we consume does not contain harmful ingredients such as dirt, bacteria, viruses, and metals such as lead.


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