• 30 APRIL 2021
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Inspiration Hand Shower for Modern and Practical Bathroom

The use of shower is one of the alternatives to save space in the bathroom because it does not require additional space for the water reservoir. In addition, the use of showers during bathing can save water commonly used when soaking, as well as bathing using water from the water reservoir.

One type of shower that you can use is Hand Shower. This type of shower is widely used in modern family bathrooms. Hand Shower has a handle and is equipped with a shower hose that is easy to use when bathing because it can be directed at the part of the body to be washed with water such as the back, neck or elbow folds, and the legs. Hand shower can be adjusted height as needed, so it can be used by children.

There are a few things to be aware of when choosing a Hand Shower. One of them is choosing Hand Shower which has several types of water flow. With different types of water flow can be easier to adjust the flow when used in the elderly or children, by adjusting the flow of water as desired. Yuta has a choice of Shower Hand type ABS Yuta which is a premium Hand Shower, has a 1/2 inch installation that is coated with chrome to beautify the look and also prevent rust.

Yuta Hand Shower has two types of series, namely Shower Hand ABS Yuta SP06SH which has a strong head shower flow with three types of water flow that can be adjusted to your liking and the control button on/off water. Medium, Shower Hand ABS Yuta SHP is a hand shower with installation of 1/2 inch that can be used for the use of hot water 80 degrees Celsius with five types of water flow that can be selected while in use. To complete it can also buy Yuta shower hose with HSC Shower Hose type, with installation size 1/2 inch and length 150 cm. Sho-C Shower Set products are available a set of handles and hoses shower with installation hose size and length of 150 cm with three types of water flow and can be used on hot water flow that facilitates installation. All Yuta products are rust-free because they are made of stainless steel and coated with chrome.

Hand Shower is already widely used by many people because it is more practical and saves water. You should also check the flow of water that comes out smoothly so that the Hand Shower can work optimally.