Cara Membersihkan Aerator pada Keran Air
  • 27 OCTOBER 2022
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How to Clean the Aerator on Water Faucet

Spots that are often a place for bacteria and fungi to grow in the bathroom are toilets and ceramics. But apparently, there are also spots that are a favorite place for bacteria and fungi to grow besides toilets and ceramics. The spot is the aerator on the water faucet. Aerators become an alternative place for bacteria and fungi to grow because this spot rarely gets special attention from its users. Sometimes, users did not put so much attention to even think about cleaning this spot.

The Function of Aerator on Faucet

Aerator itself is an object or device that is generally installed at the end of the faucet. Or simply the user knows the aerator as water faucet filter. Aerator or water faucet filter, as the name suggests, serves to filter water from impurities carried in the water flow such as small stones, sand, mud, and others. The aerator consists of several layers of filters.


Apart from being a filter, the aerator also functions as a water breaker. With the aerator, the flow of water coming out of the faucet will be split and mixed with the air so that it becomes smaller streams of higher pressure. The flow of water that comes out of the faucet will be faster but with less volume or in other words, a faucet that has an aerator in it will make the water that comes out more efficient when compared to a faucet without an aerator.


However, the aerator still requires further maintenance to make it more durable and not overgrown by bacteria and fungi. See the explanation below, to know how to clean it!


Tools and Materials Needed to Clean an Aerator

Tools and materials needed:

  • Aerator opening key, Sobat Yuta can use a wrench or a pipe wrench

  • Rag

  • Soap. Sobat Yuta is recommended to use dish soap

  • Vinegar

  • Container

  • Brush, you can use a small brush or a toothbrush

Steps to Clean an Aerator

How to clean:

1. Remove the aerator from the water tap.

At this early stage, You need to pay close attention on how to open it. It is recommended not to use excessive force when opening the faucet to looks for an aerator, because too much power can cause the tip of the faucet to break.

If the aerator is firmly attached to the faucet, you can use a tool such as a wrench. To prevent the faucet from being scratched by a wrench, you can coat the faucet with a cloth or cloth to prevent scratches.

2. Pay attention to the arrangement of aerator

If the aerator has been removed, Sobat Yuta needs to pay attention to the arrangement of the existing rubber and filter, and remember the arrangement correctly. This serves to properly rearrange the aerator after cleaning. The reason is, if the aerator arrangement is wrong, the function of the filter will not function properly and optimally.

3. Place the detached aerator in the container.

4. Clean the aerator that has been in the container with soap carefully.

You need to clean the aerator of impurities such as sand, gravel, or adhering silt. Do it carefully, don’t damage the filter.

5. Use a brush to clean the aerator if needed

6. Soak the aerator in the vinegar solution.

If the water in your house has a high mineral content that causes hard deposits on the aerator that are difficult to clean, you can first soak it in a vinegar solution. The vinegar solution will dissolve the crust, making it relatively easy to clean.

7. Rearrange the aerator

If it is clean, rearrange the aerator according to the initial arrangement and filter. Once properly assembled, put the aerator back on the water tap. Your aerator is clean and dirt free again!


It’s pretty easy to clean the aerator right? Don’t forget to always clean your aerator and faucet regularly so that your faucet will last and function properly. If you are looking for a water faucet with a good quality aerator, you can use the BMS Bathtub Mixer from Yuta Indonesia, a water faucet made with stainless steel and equipped with an aerator, so it can make the water output in your faucet more efficient and smoother.