• 25 NOVEMBER 2022
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Home Connection Accessories

Home Connection System

To be able to enjoy clean water at home through a pipe network distributed by the Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM), Sobat Vini needs a home connection system. The house connection itself is a combination of several piping components that are intended for clean water transportation so that it reaches people’s homes and finally can be consumed for various daily needs.

In order to function optimally, the house connection must be of good quality. A good home connection must consist of a quality array of products. The installation method must also comply with the standard. If the house connection installation system is not carried out according to standards, then it will have the potential to cause unwanted things, one of which is leakage.

The house connection generally starts from the distribution pipe (PDAM), goes through a water meter, and ends with a water tap in each resident’s house. To make quality house connections, it is necessary to combine the right combinations of products together. This is because in one series, it is possible to have several different materials. These materials include HDPE pipes, PVC pipes, galvanized pipes, and supporting accessories.

Vinilon Group provides products for home connection needs. Not to forget, the accessories provided by the Vinilon Group are quite varied, with the following details:


1. B&R Water Meters

Vinilon Group provides multijet water meters with a separate propeller and register unit under the B&R brand. The B&R Water Meter is equipped with an EPDM rubber ring for an airtight space, thus preventing condensation from forming on the water meter. With measurement accuracy ranging from low to maximum flow, the B&R Water Meter is perfect for calculating water use in your home. So you don’t need to worry if the water usage in your home is not measured!

2. Pushon Fittings

PUSHON fittings are fitting accessories for the installation of HDPE pipes. With plug-and-play system technology, PUSHON fittings can facilitate pipe installation with strong connections, low installation costs, and a long service life.

3. Compression Joint Fittings

For the needs of house connection accessories, the compression joint fitting from the Vinilon Group can be the right choice because it consists of various variants and sizes for main and distribution pipelines. With a mechanical system that is an advantage, Compression Joint Fittings have strong and durable durability.

4. Vinilon PVC fittings

With the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 06-0135-1987 certification, Vinilon Group PVC fittings are original fittings from Indonesia that are not only of high quality but also environmentally friendly. The special formulation created is able to make Vinilon Group PVC fittings resistant to UV influences, not easily broken, and suitable for applications in clean water channels.

5. JZ Galvanized Fittings

If you are still using galvanized pipes to install house connections on your clean water distribution lines, then the JZ brand Galvanized Fittings from the Vinilon Group are perfect for use. JZ brand Galvanized Fittings have been certified by SNI 0139-2008 (Threaded Pipe Connection).

6. Valve Yuta Indonesia

Yuta Indonesia, which is a sub-brand of the Vinilon Group, provides not only sanitary products, but also piping and valve accessories products for use in clean water distribution systems in various fields such as housing, apartments, industry, and commercial buildings.


As mentioned above, in order to function optimally, house connections must be of good quality with a quality product arrangement. Choose pipe products and accessories from the Vinilon Group that can support your home’s connection system to run well. Because the products of the Vinilon Group have been tested for quality and standards.