• 2 NOVEMBER 2021
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HDPE Pipe Joining Technique with Butt Fusion method

HDPE pipe or high density polyethylene is a pipe made from polyethylene (PE) which is widely used for water pipes or household gas pipes.

The way that can be done for the connection of Vinilon HDPE Pipes is the Buttfusion method. Connecting Vinilon HDPE Pipes with the Buttfusion method is a method of connecting HDPE pipes with the Welded technique by utilizing thermoplastic characters. That is, the pipe or fitting material from HDPE material will melt when heated. And when cooled, the material will harden again.

Before making the connection, you must do a safety briefing and know the explanation of the standard composition of the Butt Fusion machine. The following are the steps for connecting HDPE pipes with the Butt Fusion method:

  1. Welding preparation
  2. Drag pressure
  3. Welding parameters
  4. Facing process
  5. Alignment checking
  6. Surface clean-up
  7. Pre-heating
  8. Bead-up visual check
  9. Heating
  10. Welding
  11. Cooling time
  12. Welding done