• 21 JUNE 2021
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Getting to Know Plumbing System In Multi-Storey Buildings

Ever heard about plumbing?


Plumbing is a term related to piping installation. Plumbing system serves to channel clean water, as well as provide a dirty sewerage to a predetermined place, so as not to pollute the surrounding environment.


Plumbing is an inseparable part of every building, such as houses, offices, hospitals, hotels, or multi-storey buildings. This is because to distribute clean water to all parts of the building is required a good and correct piping installation system.


In the construction of multi-storey buildings, it certainly requires proper planning from various aspects. In addition to electrical system planning, it is also necessary to plan the building’s mechanical system, such as plumbing system, so that the occupants of the building can feel comfortable while inside. In buildings, usually plumbing systems used consist of several parts, such as plumbing systems for clean water and plumbing systems for dirty water.


  1. Plumbing System for Clean Water

The system of providing clean water in the building is called the Water Treatment Plant (WTP). Generally, the water source used comes from wells (Deep Well) and also Regional Drinking Water Companies (PDAM). Water pumped from the well will be accommodated first in raw water tanks and processed through WTP. Once clean, the water will be accommodated back to the clean water tank along with the water source from PDAM. The accommodated water will be distributed to the parts of the building in need. To run the water treatment process is certainly required proper piping installation, so that water can be flowed smoothly.


  1. Plumbing System for Dirty Water

In addition to delivering clean water, plumbing system is also used for sewerage of dirty water. Dirty water coming from toilets and kitchens is generally accommodated in different places. This is because the water coming from the kitchen contains a lot of fat, so it must go through the filtration process first to remove the dirt. Furthermore, dirty water will be reprocessed to Sewage Water Treatment (SWP) before being discharged into the city channel, this is where plumbing system is needed for the process.


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