• 7 MARCH 2023
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Free Webinar ke-18 Vinilon Group

About the 18th Vinilon Group Free Webinar

The 18th Vinilon Group Free Webinar is a concrete manifestation of the Vinilon Group’s contribution in providing the best piping system solutions and services for the community.

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In piping networks, especially HDPE, there is a hydrostatic test procedure. You must know what needs to be considered in the testing, namely the characteristics of HDPE pipes, differences in product tests and installation tests, as well as several applicable installation test standards.

To find out more about Vini’s friends, you can take part in the 18th Vinilon Group Free Webinar entitled “HDPE Piping Network Hydrostatic Test Procedure According to Standards” to know the answer is yes!

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  • Day : Thursday, 16 March 2023
  • Time: 10:00 WIB | 11:00 WITA | 12:00 WIT
  • Via zoom meeting

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