Fungsi Fire Sprinkler untuk Keselamatan
  • 31 JANUARY 2023
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Fire Sprinkler Function for Your Safety

Fire sprinkler can be objects that have a big contribution in saving various things during a fire. Fire itself is one of the disasters that occurs mostly due to human carelessness. However, fire can also be a problem that poses a high risk in terms of human health and safety and property.


The sparks that appeared at the start of the incident, can quickly spread throughout the area in just a matter of minutes. The rapid spread of this fire can destroy various goods and property and even take human life before the fire department arrives on the scene.


Main Benefits of Fire Sprinklers

Installing fire sprinkler pipes or fire sprinkler pipes can help reduce the damage and risks that will arise from a fire. Whether in commercial or residential buildings, a good fire sprinkler can work to protect people and property. Here are at least some of the main benefits of installing a fire sprinkler:


1. Reduce the risk of property damage

When a fire occurs, the red flame can easily devour and destroy various objects and buildings around it. By having a fire sprinkler, sparks which are the forerunner of large flames in a fire disaster can be minimized so that the fire will not grow bigger and ultimately reduce the risk of property damage.


2. Fire Sprinkler Potentially saves lives

Fire disasters not only have the potential to cause damage to objects and property, but can also threaten human life. This is because a large fire that occurs in a property or building can block people’s way out to save themselves or collapse the building where humans are.

By using a fire sprinkler, even though it does not completely extinguish the fire, it can reduce or prevent small fires from spreading into large ones and give enough time for humans to save themselves.


3. Minimize financial losses

The financial losses caused by a catastrophic fire can be enormous. Starting from the loss of objects, property, even to life. A fire disaster prevention system with fire sprinklers is an investment to prevent large losses in the future.



Those are some of the benefits of fire sprinklers as your safety investment. For maximum security, choose the Duyar Sprinkler Fire Protection System from the Vinilon Group. The ideal fire sprinkler for automatic fire sprinkler systems. With various product variants equipped with sensitive sensors on each sprinkler, the Duyar Sprinkler Fire Protection System from the Vinilon Group can be the most appropriate choice for your safety investment.