• 2 NOVEMBER 2021
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European Style Home Design Inspiration

Everyone has different interests and dreams in the design and concept of the house or residence they want. Until now, there are various kinds of house designs and concepts, ranging from minimalist, modern, industrial, traditional, oriental design concepts, to houses with European-style designs.

Currently, many attractive residential designs are developing in Indonesia. Of the many designs, European-style houses are the ones that are in demand. European-style house designs usually have identical characteristics, namely using bricks to granite for the outer walls of the house. Usually, European-style house designs also have high windows, and have various traditional ornaments that give the house a classic impression.

European-style home interior designs usually give a comfortable impression. Most use wall colors, such as white, cream or pastel colors that create the impression of a lighter room. European-style houses also use a lot of furniture with basic materials from wood.

Usually, European-style houses tend to be towering with a majestic appearance, and the tiered roof is also one of its characteristics. The use of an arrangement of bricks, balconies, pillars and large windows can also emphasize European-style accents in your home. For those of you who are building or renovating a house, let’s try to make this unique European-style house design!